Creative Question for XI(H.S.C First Year)

1.The main problem with microwave communication is that the curvature of the earth, mountains and other structures often block the line-in-sight. Due to this reason, several repeater stations are normally required for long distance transmission, which increase the cost of data transmission between two points.

a)  Draw the figure of hybrid network topology.

b) What are  the  advantage of star network topology  ?

c) What are the difference between microwave communication network system and satellite communication network system?

d)”A communication satellite is basically a microwave relay station placed in outer space”. Explain the statement.

2.The term “topology “ in the context  of a communication network, refers to the way in which the end points or stations of a network are linked together. It determine the data paths that that may be used between any pair of stations of the network.

a)       What is communication software?

b)       What do you understand by Intranet & extranet ?

c)       Which topology is best for small network and why ?

d)       “Computer topology means the physical layout of data cable.” Explain that.

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