Model Question (H.S.C)


MODEL TEST(H.S.C)- 01  2003       COMPUTER STUDIES (1st paper)                          Subject code-237

Time-3 Hour                                                                                                                                Full marks: 60

1.a) How many types of computer are there according to their size ,speed and capability? Discuss in brief.                                                                                                                                                                        1+4=5

b) What is meant by integrated software package ? Write down the names of various package.      1+3=5

Or, a) What is meant by integrated software package? Write down the names of various package. 2+3=5

b) How many types of computer are there according to their working fashion and processing?                5

2. a) “Information Technology is a great blessing for the society ” – Verify the quotation .                          5

b) Describe the harmful effects of information technology.                                                                                5

Or, a) What is control program? Write about control program.                                                                         5

b) What is time sharing ? Discuss about time sharing system with example.                                           2+3=5

3.a) Write down the reason behind the use of binary numbers in computer design.          1+4=5

b) Converts the following octal numbers into hexadecimal numbers:                                                2.5+2.5=5

(203.25)8, (437.375)8,

Or,a) Implement the full adder by using half adder.                                                                                           5

b) What is 2’s complement? Show a binary subtraction using 2’s complement method.                    2+3=5

4.a) Describe the organization of CPU?                                                                                                                    5

b) Discuss how the instructions is executed.                                                                                                          5

Or,a) What is cache memory? Write down about the cache memory in details.                                    2+3=5

b) Write down the difference between DVD and CDROM?                                                                                 5

5. Discuss the characteristics and advantages of pipelining system.                                                                  5

Or, Describe the constructions of hard disk with diagram.                                                                                   5

6. What is meant by computer bus? Discuss the functions of different buses in details.                       1+4=5

Or, Describe the working principle of laser printer.                                                                                      1+4=5

7. Define  Personal Information Manager? Describe the functions of   PIM.                                           2+3=5

Or, What is MICR? Write down the use of MICR.                                                                                           2+3=5

8. Describe the role of human resource, data resources, hardware resources for office automation.        5

Or, Define workbook, worksheet, chart, cell and range.                                                                                      5

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